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Are you a former spouse or unmarried parent in Arizona who has been deprived of parenting time with your child? You deserve to receive parenting time with your child. To receive that parenting time to which you are entitled, you need an effective mediator.

A skilled parental rights mediator can help level the playing field in today’s family court system. The family law mediation firm that can help you is The Law Office of Scott J. McWilliams, L.L.C., in North Phoenix.

To exercise and establish custody (called legal decision-making authority in Arizona) and visitation with your child, you may need or want to have paternity established by a DNA test. If you have been left with sole custody of a child abandoned by his or her parent, you may want to seek much-needed child support. If you were married and divorced, you may be entitled to spousal maintenance. You may want to seek a modification of custody or parenting time.

We will help you. Don’t allow yourself to be intimidated by the court system in matters of support, custody and visitation. We will be your voice in mediation negotiations. You should not be left out of the conversation when it comes to participation in a child’s upbringing.

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In the past, Arizona mothers and fathers have been required to assume responsibilities for child support, spousal support and debt division that took place after an uncontested, contested or high net worth divorce. In today’s world and court system, both sides to a divorce or dissolution share support obligations and payment of debts.

To give you the best chance of exerting your parental rights, it is essential for you to establish paternity of your child right away, so your rights can be recognized in court and by law enforcement. Any delay could cause you to forego your rights and child access opportunities for extended periods of time.

Aside from being an experienced attorney, and as a family member and father in his own right, Scott McWilliams understands your desire to spend more time with your child and enjoy a decision-making role in his or her life. He listens carefully as you express your goals, and then he customizes his legal leadership and advice to suit your unique situation.

Regardless of the family law issue that warrants your need for parental rights to be recognized, you can depend on us to work hard for the positive results you deserve.

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