Are You Seeking A Same-Sex Divorce In Arizona?

U.S. laws have changed quite a bit in the past few years, affording LGBT individuals and families many of the same rights as non-LGBT people. In Arizona, a same-sex marriage is treated like any other marriage. This means that in the event that marriage comes to an ends, the divorce process is also the same.

Just because the laws are the same or similar, it does not mean that
family law and divorce matters are any easier, however. If you are facing a divorce with your same-sex partner, an experienced divorce mediator can help you.

Skilled Mediation for Same-Sex Divorces

At The Law Office of Scott J. McWilliams, L.L.C., in Phoenix, we provide experienced mediation services to people from all walks of life. We are committed to making your divorce proceedings as easy and painless for you as possible. Whether you are starting the divorce process, or are currently engaged in a heated battle, we provide you with the answers and information you need — at affordable rates as well.

Is Your Same-Sex Divorce Contested Or Uncontested?

When a same-sex couple dissolves a marriage, the two types of divorce remain unchanged: uncontested or contested.

  • Uncontested divorces: In an uncontested divorce, the parties involved have come to an agreement on their own regarding the major points of debate, such as the division of property and assets, legal decision-making for children (formerly child custody), parenting plans and any issue of financial support.
  • Contested divorces: On the contrary,
    a contested divorce essentially means that the parties cannot mutually agree to the terms. Points of contention may include marital assets, spousal maintenance or issues regarding the care and support of children.

Seek Help From A Mediation Attorney Who Is Dedicated To Your Best Interests

Whether your divorce is amicable or not, it’s important to have a mediator who can represent your best interests and the best interests of those who are most important to you. The professionals at The Law Office of Scott J. McWilliams, L.L.C., will ensure that your best interests are the focus, and we will help you get a settlement that is fair.

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