Skilled Legal Help With Issues Of Paternity In Arizona

Are you a birth mother interested in establishing paternity in order to receive child support? Are you a biological father seeking to gain extended time or full custody and visitation rights with your children? An experienced North Phoenix family law attorney can help.

At The Law Office of Scott J. McWilliams, L.L.C., our lawyers work hard to help you achieve your legal goals, unite with loved ones and brighten your future. Our knowledge of family law, divorce and paternity matters can make a positive difference in your life.

When paternity needs to be determined, and for any legal obligations that follow, look to our Phoenix law firm for solid support and skilled legal guidance. We will help you establish paternity through a voluntarily sought or court-ordered DNA test, handle all court-related documentation and represent your interests before a judge, if necessary.

Why Paternity Matters To Arizona Mothers And Fathers

Establishing paternity can be especially important if:

  • A biological father has a medical condition that can be inherited
  • A father’s estate can be inherited in the absence of a will
  • A child may qualify for Social Security benefits if a father is disabled or dies
  • A child may be covered under a father’s employer’s medical plan
  • A child may qualify to receive payment under his or her father’s life insurance policy

When your visitation rights are at stake, our experienced attorneys will guide you through the legal process of obtaining an order for gathering of DNA samples if necessary, verifying and/or establishing paternity and initiating visitation proceedings. In child support matters, we will help you establish a plan for collection of past-due child support after DNA results and after the court establishes paternity.

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