Skilled Legal Defense To Phoenix DUI/DWI Charges

Arizona takes drunk driving charges seriously. You would be wise to take them seriously if you are arrested. Retain an attorney experienced in DUI/DWI defense to help you fight the charges in order to help you avoid the potential penalties.

Possible Consequences Of A DUI Conviction In Arizona

At The Law Office of Scott J. McWilliams, L.L.C., in Phoenix, we provide an aggressive defense to clients who are facing drunk driving charges. With a DUI charge, you could face serious consequences such as:

  • Jail time from 24 hours up to 10 days for first-time convictions
  • Significant jail or prison time for second- or third-time DUI/DWI convictions
  • High fines
  • Alcohol abuse treatment and traffic survival school
  • Ignition interlock devices
  • Loss of your drivers’ privileges
  • Steep insurance rate increases

Put an Experienced Lawyer by Your Side

DUI defense lawyers at The Law Office of Scott J. McWilliams, L.L.C., are experienced DUI defense and trial attorneys who have successfully defended many clients facing charges of drunk driving and other traffic violations, including photo radar ticket defense, drug charges and other criminal charges.

Providing You With A Knowledgeable, Thorough And Insightful Investigation

As your attorneys, we will carefully sift through the evidence that led up to your DUI arrest to discern whether there were any mistakes made by the police that could cause the charges against you to be dismissed. Even if it seems that the evidence is against you, a knowledgeable DUI lawyer may be able to skillfully negotiate a plea agreement that can minimize the consequences of any conviction and potentially allow you to keep your divers license.

Whether this is the first time you have ever been pulled over for anything or you are being charged as a repeat DUI offender, The Law Office of Scott J. McWilliams, L.L.C., in North Phoenix, is here to fight on your behalf. We offer defense representation against:

  • DWI/DUI (driving while intoxicated/driving under the influence)
  • First-offense DUI
  • Second-offense DUI
  • Third-offense DUI
  • Driving with a suspended or revoked driver’s license
  • DUI accidents

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